I’m not owner of every pic or vector in that design. I just combined and make it kkk~
I know, I’m not pro for design, but at least I try ^^

Klik pada gambar untuk melihat full sizenya~

Jika kamu ingin saya buatkan desain pamflet, liflet, cover buku, sertifikat, stiker atau apapun. email saja ke

♥ Poster   

Poster l Sleep well my little sister   Untitled-2    Poster When the leaves are falling copy

♥ Pamflet/ Liflet Acara

Pamflet 26   Pamflet kalium 3   Pamflet kalium 4   Pamflet kalium

Pamflet keputrian   Untitled-1  Pamflet Dispub 4  Pamflet KI Akbar

PAMFLET 02_1  Baligho  Pamflet GO

Pamflet DISPUB

♥ Spanduk Acara

spanduk Muslimah Expo  2


♥ Propaganda

PPG edit 1 SPBU Kalam l Propaganda Februari 1

Propaganda kalam Juni copy   Kalam l Propaganda Mei   PPG Ramadhan copy

Kalam l Propaganda Februari 3   Propaganda Kalam November  PAMFLET BUKBER 2  PPG APRIL 3

Front  back   ppg APRIL 2  ppg-okt-fin  07-ppg-nov-16

♥ Typographi

typo 1   Typo 3

Typo 2

♥ Chemisty


♥ Book’s Cover


♥ Stickers

Sticker2  Sticker


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